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From: A.K.
Subject: "A Fairy Tale?" 10/14 (College)----------------------------A FAIRY TALE?
by Andrej Koymasky (C) 2006
written the 7th of March, 1993
translated by the author
English text kindly revised
by Vicent-----------------------------USUAL DISCLAIMER"A FAIRY TALE?" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic
scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family,
opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better lolita bbs board 1 not to
read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't lolita almost nude models care, or
because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed
guest.-----------------------------CHAPTER 10 - Calm rites of desireMartino was listening and nodding.David added, "Do you see this T-shirt? It's a present from Claudio, he
drew it... Not bad, isn't it?""Then I want you to take it off!" Martino said seriously, with a frown."Are you... jealous?" David asked, somewhat taken aback.Martino gave him a saucy smile. "No", he said, "but it's a good excuse
to see more of your body."David smiled in return, then stood up, his legs slightly parted, his
arms softly hanging at his sides, his hands open and lying lightly on
the front of his thighs. He looked with sly eyes to his friend. One of
his hands crept up and his fingers seized the hem of his T-shirt. He
slowly raised it until one of his nipples was bared. For a moment it
seemed that his other hand was going to caress the faint swelling
beneath his fly, but instead it continued up and lifted the other side
of the T-shirt, uncovering his other nipple. Then David crossed his
arms, grasped the T-shirt again and lifted it. His face slowly
disappeared behind the rising fabric. His armpits were revealed, with
their soft tufts of hair, then his shoulders, his neck, and at last
little by little his smiling face again appeared. The T-shirt dropped
behind David's body and softly collapsed onto the grass.David's hands moved to his belt, as if to unbutton his jeans, but
instead he slipped his thumbs into his belt loops and rested his hands
on his groin. "Is that better?" he softly asked his friend."It's starting to get that way", Martino replied, admiring his broad
chest, his finely chiseled abdominal muscles, his small dark pink
nipples, his perfect navel.David continued to regard him with his vaguely sly gaze, "At least these
trousers aren't a gift from Claudio", he said."Not from me, either. Take them off.""As you wish", the youth answered and his hands began to move again,
deftly opening the fly of his jeans one button at a time. As the fly
began to part, Martino caught a glimpse of his boxers, printed with a
small, irregular blue and black pattern. When the last button was
opened, David's hands grasped his jeans at the side and slipped then
down to his hips. He moved his pelvis slightly and the jeans dropped to
his knees. Now using his legs he wriggled the jeans down to his ankles,
then one foot at a time, he stepped completely out of them.Finally, he then bent down and pulled off his socks, "These aren't a
gift from you, either", David said lightly.Martino's eyes caressed the long legs, strong and shapely, standing
elegantly on the blanket spread on the floor, giving him a sense of
lightness."Now what?" David asked."Everything", Martino said in a passionate murmur."If you want me without these nude russian lolita pic boxers, you'll have to earn the
privilege.""How?" Martino answered quickly."You have to pull them off."Martino rose to his knees and reached out, but David, still with young girls lolita nymphet that
rascally smile on his lips, stopped him with two words: "But first...""First?" Martino asked, becoming still and looking in his eyes."First you have to undress.""You already saw me naked.""Exactly - that's how I know I want to see you that way again."Martino stood up. He didn't undress with the slow and provocative moves
his friend had used. He quickly stripped off his jacket, letting it fall
to the ground, then unbuttoned his shirt, pulled it out of his trousers
and dropped it on top of the jacket. The zipper was next, and he bent
over to pull down his pants, which quickly joined his other clothes on
the ground. He pulled off his socks and dropped his white cotton briefs,
the swelling pouch deflating at his feet. Proudly he showed his
nakedness, his member beautifully erect, to his admiring friend's eyes."Now may I?" he asked.David nodded in assent and in a sweet voice said, "You must."Martino reached out to David's hips and, crouching in front of him,
pulled his boxers down to the ground. Freed from its confinement David's
pulsing cock sprang up quickly, with each heartbeat becoming more
engorged dark lolitas nudism naturism and large and beautiful, pointing up towards Martino's face. He
gazed at it in fascination, then brushed that glorious rod with his
hands and slowly approached it with parted lips. But David leaned
backward, moving his pelvis away, took Martino by the arms and drew him
to his feet."We have all day", he said amiably."That may not be long enough", his friend sighed."Then there will be other days."Their chests brushed together, and they shivered with pleasure. "We're
going to get sunburned", David said. "I have some sunscreen. Let me put
some on you, and then you can do it for me."Shortly, David's hands were spreading the smooth cream all over
Martino's body in a delicious massage. With tender caresses they moved
over each millimeter of his skin, delicate, self-assured, skilled. They
lingered on his more sensitive spots, evoking quivers of sheer pleasure.
His whole body was now covered with the protective cream, except his
butts and genitals. David soon took care of that, stroking first his
firm buttocks with long circular caresses, then the fold between them,
up and down, until his fingers found his pulsating hole. Martino was all
a shudder, going slowly and deliciously crazy with pleasure. Never
before had he been caressed in such a way. Finally David's wonderful
hands began to carefully and gently spread the cream on his friend's
cock and balls. By this time Martino was trembling as if with a fever.David stood up again, still holding his friend's stiff member and his
firm testicles, and leaned forward to kiss him. Martino parted his lips,
welcoming his tongue, and returned the hot, deep, intimate kiss. Without
a word, David handed him the cream and Martino immediately started to
anoint him. It was beautiful to finally touch the wonderful body that
was being so totally offered to him, to his admiration, to his touch,
and soon to his burning desire. How thrilling it was for his fingers,
and at times his whole hands, to glide over the silky skin covering iron
muscles that softly yielded in sweet abandon to the sensations provoked
by his friend's hands. How sweet it was to explore, under the pretext of
spreading sunscreen, every slightest fold, every slightest twist and
turn, every muscle, every line of that dreamlike body. In the confusion
of his thoughts, Martino could not say which was more exciting, touching
or being touched in that way.Far away a cuckoo called, and a gentle breeze answered with a soft gust.
The sun, high in the sky, blue lolita girl pics
made the two naked bodies shine like those of
the ancient Greek athletes who nearly three thousand years before had
anointed their bodies before the games in honor of Apollo, the Sun God,
in Delphi.The sky, blue as the stained glass windows in a medieval cathedral,
reflected in the eyes of the two boys, intoxicated with each other's
beauty. The musk of their shared desire flooded the air and a butterfly
brushed them as if drunk, but at once fluttered away so as not to
disturb the enchantment that had been created. At last Martino devoted
himself in his turn to his friend's member, with infinite care and
loving attention.David's voice resounded, light and melodious. "See, now the sun can
admire us, but he can't have us."Martino set down the bottle and said, like an echo, "Admire and envy
us."Smiling at each other and holding each other's hands, they moved
together and kissed once more."I never felt desire this intense", Martino murmured."Nor I, not really."They turned, full of joy, to admire the wide panorama that spread its
beauty before them. They felt like kings of the whole Earth."It would be great to restore this house and live here... forever."
Martino sighed."It's very cold in the winter up here", David said softly."I'll warm you with my body", Martino answered."But..." David's voice was suddenly jarring and shrill. Martino looked
at him slightly amazed, and saw again the rascally smile."But?" he pressed him, now curious."We have to feed these bodies of ours too, don't you agree?"Martino, smiling, nodded. David parted from him and opened the other
carrier."Well, just for this occasion Matteo has prepared", and he began to name
each item as he pulled them out of their various containers.That accomplished, David spread a small tablecloth out on the grass,
near the blanket and set on it everything they needed, and they began to
eat."Lorenzo knows about us, doesn't he?""Yes.""And Matteo?""Of course. That's why he prepared so many tasty things. And they both
think it's the right thing if we two try to..." and he stopped, not
wanting to be so forward."To become a couple, I hope", Martino finished for him."Yes. And they wished us both their best.""But I thought you said neither one of them is gay.""Neither am I", David said serenely, and then, at child lolita pussy photo
his friend's puzzled
look, he added, "And you aren't gay either. I am David, and you are
Martino. It's just that David likes Martino and Martino likes David. Do
you understand?" he asked, then smiled broadly."You mean no labels, right?""Right. We aren't goods for sale, we are two men."As they ate their arousal subsided, but not the pleasure they took in
admiring one another, in being side by side. They ate slowly, savoring
all the food and deciding what to leave for supper. And they talked.
They had already told each other their life stories, but only in brief.
Now they went into detail, so they could get to know each other better.
They asked each other questions, and they answered.At one point David saw the little statue on the grass. He took it in his
hand and held it up to Martino. "Do you still think I resemble him?" he
asked.Martino took the little David in his hand, lolita bbs board 1 looked at it, looked at his
friend's body, then said, "The resemblance is incredible. But that
little statue is only a copy. It's your beauty that Michelangelo was
trying to imitate.""Especially that cock", David answered. "He didn't get that right, did
he? Look, even when it's soft, mine is bigger and nicer that the one
Michelangelo made, isn't it?""You are absolutely right", Martino said. He took the statue and cocked
his arm as if to throw it away with the empty bottles.But David stopped him. "No, give it to me, don't throw it away. Poor
little statue! After all it did for you... for us.""But I have the original now", Martino said smoothly, but he handed the
statue to his friend.David stood up and slipped the statue into a space between two stones of
the wall. "There! Stay right there, little David. Tell the stones, and
the wind, and the air, and the sun the story of our love - our love,
that is being born here, right in front of you."-----------------------------CONTINUES IN CHAPTER 11-----------------------------In my home page I've put some more of my stories. If someone wants lolita bbs board 1 to
read them, the URL ishttp://andrejkoymasky.comIf you want to send me feed-back (really appreciated, be it positive or
negative), please e-mail atandrejandrejkoymasky.com---------------------------

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